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Tough, strong, hard - Braveheart


BraveheartBattle 2017

March 11, 2017


25-30 km - let's see ;-)


Something between 40 and 50 stations with artificial

and natural obstacles

No pussy Lanes !!!



Entry fee: 70 euros






Are you familiar with the BraveheartBattle yet? Have you read or heard something about it and are now interested in participating? You may be a strongman, a tough guy, a wild child or an Ironman, but are you a Braveheart?

Do you really think that you’ll make it through this hellish course???

First of all, you should consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to push yourself to your personal limits and then surpass them?
  • Do you dislike runners who prefer wimpy lanes, warm showers and cotton running shoes?
  • Are you inexplicably attracted to mud and sludge?
  • Do you love cold weather, snow and ice? Does running in wet clothes not bother you?
  • Do you feel comfortable running a rough and tumble 24 kilometer course with a horde of roaring, determined and completely crazy runners?
  • Do you find running on asphalt to be boring? Do you prefer running through the woods, even if there’s a chance you’ll get injured? If the paramedics have to scrape you off the course, will you say “Put me back together and let me keep going!”?
  • Do you like to jump into rocky, fast-flowing rivers with a temperature of 1°c?
  • Do you enjoy swimming and diving through lakes that are cold and sludgy?
  • Do you proudly display scraped knees, arms and legs that have been scratched up by thorny bushes, bruises and other battle wounds?
  • Does your daily training consist of crawling with your nose close to the ground, climbing over high walls, traversing along monkey bars and jumping over fire?
  • Do you support camaraderie, fairness, team spirit, helpfulness and comrades-in-arms who don’t get their elbows up, skip obstacles and only focus on their time?
YES? YES and another YES?
Then you’re a potential Braveheart!
Register today! There’s only room for 3,000 participants!






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Wankelstraße 1
97688 Bad Kissingen
+49 (0)175 / 67 11 466

Andrea Kratz
Joachim von Hippel

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