Do you have enough guts to be a true Braveheart? Then prove it to us!

A good level of fitness isn't nearly enough to belong to the bravest of the brave. Real Bravehearts can't be afraid of cold water and muddy shoes. They have to be able to cope with brutal climbs and slopes, balance on slippery rope bridges, crawl on all fours through dark tubes and climb over high walls and scaffolding. Only the toughest runners endure this hellish course and make it to the finish line where they are rewarded with fame, glory and the medal of honor! Show us that you have what it takes! 





 25 to 30 Kilometers +++ about 50 Obstacles +++ Ice-cold Water


The BraveheartBattle is a blend of trail running, extreme sports and a fun run with natural and man-made obstacles. It's quite similar to the English "Tough Guy Run". Up to 3,500 participants have a maximum time of six hours to tackle a 25+ kilometer course with around 50 stations that are comprised of natural and man-made obstacles.

The BraveheartBattle is different from similar events because of its natural trail which goes from Bischofsheim up to Kreuzberg and then back again. Plenty of hellish, exhausting challenges will present themselves to you on this natural course. Take the murderously slippery slopes that present themselves on the "Osterburg Hill" and along the "Kniebreche" towards the "Blizzard Trail", the steep climb through the woods to the "Snow Blind" or "The Chamber"'s extremely difficult creek path that's covered in rocks, rotting trees and bushes. You'll be pushed to your limits!


There aren’t any wimp lanes in the BraveheartBattle...




This natural trail is topped up with additional man-made obstacles for climbing, crawling, hanging, balancing and jumping which will require all of your courage, strength and endurance! Highlights include the Bundeswehr Fields, the impressive 6.5 meter tall Brave Wall” and the Frickel Wheelsobstacle as well as the various crawling obstacles which will force you to keep your nose very close to the ground…



Mid-March’s unpredictable weather adds an extra degree of difficulty. The course may have patches that are still icy, muddy and slippery and the water may be close to freezing like in March 2010 and 2012. Alternately, you might find yourself running in a pleasant 15 degrees like in 2011. Whether it’s deep snow or flooded fields that await you, 2016’s winter will make its presence felt!

You can see what the course and the obstacles for the former BraveheartBattle looked like by checking out the Route section!

The “Rules”

In order to be a finisher and recognized as an official Braveheart, you must tackle all of the tasks in the manner that is specified. Those who skip an obstacle or don’t complete the challenge are tough and strong, but they aren’t Bravehearts and will therefore be disqualified.

It is forbidden to bring your own tools to aid you in completing the event. Assisting other competitors is allowed and encouraged – some obstacles can only be conquered with team spirit. Help each other out! We don’t tolerate bad sportsmanship!


Fairness and team play are a top priority!







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